Quality Care = Happy Patients

Our #1 priority is patient safety.

Everything beyond that is gravy.

  • Are you looking to add anesthesia into your practice so you can keep more of your own patients?
  • Are you tired of the delay in scheduling cases with other groups?
  • Do you need additional help when your current group is stretched thin?
  • Are you tired of jaw thrusts and nervous about the safety of your patient's airway?
  • Simply looking for more options or backup to your current group?

We might be able to help!

Nightlight Anesthesia

Mobile Services

We have a full mobile set-up.


This allows for a much safer anesthetic by protecting the patient's lungs and keeping the airway open. No more jaw thrusting throughout the case.


Equipment and medication to handle unforeseen situations.


The child is able to drift off to sleep with a simple mask on their face. NO PAINFUL NEEDLES!


We provide medications during the procedure to help with infection, pain or nausea depending on the needs of the patient.


Competitive pricing is all inclusive and saves patients from the high cost of going to a hospital.


While other providers may be booked out 1-3 months, we can typically schedule within 2-3 weeks.


We handle all payments for the anesthesia. All your office needs to do is send us the patient information.


Standard hospital monitoring is provided. This include End tidal C02, EKG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, gas monitoring.

Hospital / Surgery Center

If you are looking for temporary assistance or long term coverage, we are here to help. We believe in being honest and open in order to create a win/win situation for all those involved. Our experienced staff are able to accommodate for a wide range of surgical procedures. Scheduling timeframe depends on the length, extent, and location of the desired coverage.